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All hail, Roger! 8-time Wimbledon champion, July 16, 2017

Ola, kaixo, bonjour et ciao !

Wooosh ! Summer is whizzing by. The heat is on, bugs are in the air and ice cream is an official food group. We preemptively kicked off our sunny season with a trip to Basque country in May, ended the school year with a bang and spent three sticky city days in Tribeca over the 4th holiday. Weekends are filled with friends, barbecues, sprinklers and the onset of another work week ahead. In other words, “sometimes all you need is to break the routine and have some fun.”

A few announcements to report in my world since my last dispatch. My second travel article was published in PassionPassport! If you’ve been reading along, you’ll recognize the story from an earlier post.

I also had another post get published as a guest blog on The Mixed Message. It’s a platform for mixed race and identity on Finally, I’m proud to say I was featured on the wall of The Race Card Project, founded by Michele Norris from the Aspen Institute. I wrote about meeting the former NPR host of All Things Considered here.   

Before the sun sets on our summer of 2017, let your toes sink into the sand, eat a few more popsicles and linger outside after dusk to watch the fireflies come alive.

Here’s what I’ve been curiously crushing on these days:

Love this kindergarten

It’s that time of year again. Are you Team Khaleesi? Team Arya? Team Sansa? Team Cersei?! Articles like this one help me justify this short-lived addiction a-hem, distraction.

I’ve never been a beach person. Seriously, I could have written this article. However, I admit, my attitude is slightly wavering, especially with a tyke in tow. San Sebastian invited me into its smooth white sands, warm water washing over my toes and a refreshing txakoli to bring in summer like …

Today one in six newlyweds in the US are involved in a mixed marriage. It goes way beyond black and white. Check out the faces of mixed race marriages.

Check out this subway car.

Did you happen to miss the kouign amann craze in the US? It was so 2012. I overlooked it, but now I’m into it.

Just another step closer to losing human touch and turning into robots. Although I wonder if this would work for all distractions?

The solar eclipse occurs on August 21st visible in Oregon through South Carolina. Will you catch a glimpse?

The kimchi fridge is what immigrants use. You’ll usually find it in the garage.

The second season of Eddie Huang has started up on Viceland! This show is dope. #interculture #travel #identity #funny

Something you’d be surprised to hear. I don’t have ESPN. That meant I couldn’t watch Fed win his 8th championship Wimbledon title. The one sport I truly enjoy watching from start to finish. I had to pull up the live audio feed on my laptop and listen to a couple of sportscasting blokes comment on every stroke, serve and foul. It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I had to exercise my auditory brain functions and visualize the scene for myself. Sometimes my fantasy would kick in. The one where Princess Kate and I are sitting with Harry and SJ by our side. Big hats, Pimms in our Waterford crystal, laughing and reminiscing about our good old days in the playground. But in the end, Roger’s super human victory conquered all. It was an emotional day. Seven more weeks ’til the US Open begins. Dropping the mike on ‘summa 2017.

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Bon summer.

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