Souvenir Style

Fashion ShowI confess.  I’m a shopper.  Primarily when I travel.  Clothes, toys, ornaments, home goods; all good.  These are my souvenirs.  It’s like when a certain smell or food evokes memories, a blouse or scarf will transport me back to Aix-en-Provence, Copenhagen or Tokyo.

Clothing Cults

I love to mix up global goodies such as Humanoid, a brand I came across in the Netherlands or a cool cut top from Beams that epitomizes Asian chic.  I’ve had a long-standing affair with the French – Gerard Darel, Zadig & Voltaire and Maje.  I’m starting to see Maison Scotch pop up all over the States.  Traveling has influenced my style over the years.  I’ve cultivated an intercultural wardrobe that’s practical, fun and suited pour moi.

Wardrobe Identity

Fashion Week in Paris kicks off today.  Back in the day this would have been a big deal.  I still admire fashion as an art and skillful craft, but I no longer covet today’s fad.  Dare I say I’ve grown accustomed and proud of my own style.

There was a time when I felt clothes defined my identity.   I spent countless hours putting outfits together.  I was the girl in elementary school who had to have 10 pairs of Guess jeans, an Esprit sweater, Sperry topsiders and a NAF NAF bag from Paris that a 10-year old French friend brought back for me.  In my late teens and 20s I followed Vogue and Elle.  I tried to learn the meaning of couture and Christy, Naomi and Cindy were the celebrities to watch.

I cringe at the thought of my daughter wasting too much time over what to wear or worrying about what people think.  I have faith in that she’s stronger and smarter than me.  She knows I like to shop.  Someday I’ll have to explain the why and what behind it all.  For now, I still have a handful of working years to help instill and shape her self-esteem.  No pressure.  Right?

Fashion retailDress to Impress You

It took me a long time to find that balance between being comfortable in my own skin, knowing what fits or what doesn’t and just buying what you like despite magazine spreads.  There isn’t shame in caring about your appearance or even dressing for style.  It’s more important to just be honest with yourself in who you are regardless of the threads you wear.

My truth sets in with wanderlust.  I find myself scouting boutiques and shops for the next trip ahead.  The cycle begins again.

You’ll find some of my favorite imports in the Shop.  I’ll continue to post about some of my global goods from afar and at home.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, tell me, are there “souvenirs” you like to collect when you travel?

3 thoughts on “Souvenir Style

  1. Tama McConnell

    I am just the same…. I love to find the perfect souvenir from a trip… wool sweater from Ireland, boots from Italy, glasses from Paris,….. they take me back and make me happy every time I wear them!!!!

  2. Joanne M.

    What a great post. I find I like to collect practical souvenirs (think kitchenware). Last time I was in England I picked up double oven gloves, which I’ve not seen here in the US. I also try to find independent shops or artisans rather than chain stores. It feels more personal.


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