See San Sebastian

A city lined with pink trees. Enough said.

There are many stories to be told from each travel experience. Some remain private and a few fade away in memory. The notable ones make their way into dinner conversation or you suddenly find yourself laughing thinking about the server who kept only pouring water for you and not the whole table or the lost in translation with the lady at the ticket counter. It’s these funny little reminders that make travel special.

Then there are pictures. Snaps, hundreds of them, captured in time that freeze frame a moment, a taste, a laugh, or a sigh. All of us utilizing ubiquitous digital equipment that somehow stores images in a mysterious and expensive cloud. Some of you may recognize these photos from my Instagram feed, but most of them have not been posted before. Now that we’re back and into the swing of daily life, I find it hard to document everything that went down in our 10-day May Basque adventure. For now, here’s a glimpse of our time in San Sebastian. For your viewing pleasure.

We spent our last few days of the trip in Bilbao. I will post another gallery of our time there as well as a write-up of our ultimate dining experience at Arzak.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to write about! I’m happy to indulge your questions. Buen viaje!


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