Rooster Street Butcher

Rooster Street Butcher street view

Rooster Street Butcher recently put brunch on the menu.  We’ve stopped in before for head cheese and charcuterie, which proved to be reason enough to try the new brunch offering.  

Animal Fat. The Good Kind.

Rooster Street Butcher deems themselves a full-service whole animal butcher shop with BYOB dining.  In this instance, pink champagne accompanied our crispy tater tots and fresh farm eggs.  Their meat products are handmade in-house in small batches all sourced from local family owned farms that are free of antibiotics and growth hormones.  Reality tells me it’s still animal fat and cholesterol, but knowing these animals led happy honorable lives somehow makes the extra lipids forgivable.  This animal died for me so I could devour morsels of greasy excess in peace.  I eat my bacon lardons guilt free.  

Rooster Street Butcher brunchLocal Lititz

Located in Lititz, PA, within Lancaster County, this is a place where I bring out of town guests.  As a native Californian, I still feel like I’m walking in a museum down Main Street.  There’s no Starbucks, McDonald’s or 7-11 in sight.  Most of the buildings are made of brick.  It’s a vibrant but historic downtown worth a stroll, shop and escapes back to a time when life was simple and offline.  Each visit warrants a stop into Candyology and The Teddy Bear Emporium.  Lititz is also home to Julius Sturgis, the first commercial pretzel bakery since 1861 and Wilbur Chocolates, which opened in 1884.

Rooster Street Butcher meat carvingSmall Town Urban Vibes

Among these icons of Americana, Rooster Street Butcher is an urban departure from the small town vibe. Started by two locals who left to discover and find their calling in farming and the culinary world, only to return with an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to bring butchery back home.

I may as well be in Philly or back in Boston (reminiscent of meals at The Butcher Shop) when I enter the bright white restaurant cum shop.  It has a modern aesthetic and clean design.  It’s big enough to contain a few tables and attractive displays full of marble and wood cutting boards, gourmet crackers and chocolates with contoured cases of cheeses and meats that speak for themselves. I’m actually a fan of their spacious and contemporary restroom.  The little things.

Rooster Street Butcher restaurant shopLititz and Rooster Street Butcher are one of those surprising finds in the heart of Amish culture.  Small town #interculture at its finest.

Other places we like to visit in Lititz are The Tomato Pie Cafe and Cafe Chocolate of Lititz, which despite its name has a full breakfast and lunch menu.

With SJ at Rooster St ButcherLocal Culture. Go. Get.

I admit.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pennsylvania when I arrived.  But once I started seeing my surroundings with a cultural lens, I started growing an appreciation for the local culture that exists around every corner, dining table and in every family.

Have you ever come across an unexpected find in your ‘hood?  Tell me about it.

If you missed it, here’s how I define my #interculture.

8 thoughts on “Rooster Street Butcher

  1. Missy

    This was a good day. We didn’t need coats and all the ice sculptures were melting! The best was SJ yelling through the crowd for Meg and I to come look at the squirrel! Love you guys!

  2. Carolyn Oaks

    I loved reading about little gem Lititz. I feel our lives are switched : PA is my roots being born and raised in Lancaster. And for the last 27 years I’ve lived in Southern California. Each year I travel back to see family and old friends some dating back to first grade. I never tire of the nostalgic memory lanes I travel when I return to PA. Even after all these years, I still find the contrasts startling. Mostly seeing the historic brick buildings, little traffic and wide open fields that most small east coast towns offer However, Lancaster had that extra little sparkle ..
    Well, maybe I’m biased.

  3. Janet Caffey

    We live about an hour away, but we try to get to Rooster Street for lunch (and now Brunch) and pick up some wonderful meats or treats every whenever we have the time and some extra $$ to splurge on their wonderful meats.. If you haven’t done so, try their pate, on some nice crusty french bread. My husband loves their different types of sausage. Really an excellent find in the lovely town of Lititz.

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