Simone Davies

An Interview with Simone Davies of The Montessori Notebook

I have been a fan and follower of Simone Davies since I was pregnant four years ago. Her blog, The Montessori Notebook, is one of the most valuable resources on parenting and not just an education on all things Montessori.  Her modern approach to parenting is refreshing and uncomplicated.  She breaks down real-life examples and offers practical tips that are…

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Seoul school kids

Cultural Curiosities: A Lesson from Littles

The last time we were in Seoul, my husband and I did a walking tour through Namsongol Hanok Village.  It’s a mini village that replicates traditional Korean life from back in the day.  You can peek inside restored ‘hanok’ houses that peasants and aristocrats used to live in.  It makes for a nice visit after a morning climb up and…

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Shofuso gate

Shofuso, an Unlikely Cultural Gem

I’ve got Ja-dar, a radar for all things Japanese.   Yet somehow Shofuso escaped my sonar detection.  Typical of authentic Japanese style, the structure of this Japanese house with teahouse and garden is set within a simple but formidable enclosure only to be entered through a wooden gate.  It’s not surprising I overlooked this subtle beauty.  Yet make no mistake,…

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