Summer Chaos

Summer is synonymous with swimming pools, fireflies, cookouts, barefeet and sun. Life is supposed to slow down. Yet, things have really been heating up this summer. North Korea, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Charlottesville, and most recently Barcelona. These headlines are a constant ticker of tragedy, disappointment, and horror. I can’t even keep up anymore. This season I’ve been whirling in a…

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US Open

Love to Deuce

The French Open just wrapped up and Wimbledon is upon us.  Game on.   I’m not your typical sports fan.  I grew up having Jack Nicholson, the Steelers, and PITT always on in the background thanks to my Dad’s fanaticism.  Everyone knows too because he wears his team pride like pieces of identification. The PITT logo is on his car,…

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Eritreans migrants

No Place Like It

Imagine being displaced. Imagine being uprooted from your house, neighborhood, community, state, and country. I travel and I love being far away from home. Yet knowing there’s somewhere to return after a long journey is taken for granted. Even though I prefer to be on the go, I have the security of a permanent address and a Google satellite view…

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