Behold Bilbao

Bilbao is underrated. We spent the last few days of our Basque country travels in Bilbao after our stay in San Sebastian. We were flying out of BIO airport, so it made logistical sense to make it our final stop. However, we weren’t expecting to really like it. After one hour of walking around and making our way to the Guggenheim…

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Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day … Friendship Day Life would be an incredibly dark and lonely place without friends. It’s one thing to have family, a spouse, or even children, but friends get us through life. Friends are by our side when we lose a parent, when we go through separation or divorce, when we suffer from health problems….

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Chef Elena

At Arzak you don’t come to eat, Instagram, pay and leave. You are there to savor, linger, ask, discuss and enjoy. It’s delightful. Much Ado About Elena    Chef Elena is a head chef alongside her father, Juan Mari Arzak, of world-renowned Restaurant Arzak. They’ve held their three-star Michelin ranking for 27 consecutive years. Chef Elena is born and bred…

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