TheInterCulture is a travel and cultural site that threads intercultural topics into everyday conversation.  Through travel, food, art, relationships and more, this site identifies relevant and raw material ranging from the entertaining to the educational.  Culture like art is in the eyes of the beholder but #interculture takes into account the individual filters of ethnicity, society and family that impact the way we interact and engage with the world to shape a personal cultural identity.  TheInterCulture seeks to provoke curiosity, introduce new concepts and challenge people to look at things from a different perspective.

TheInterCulture seeks to build a community of engaged readers and contributors through editorial series, recipes, travelogues, current events, personal essays and interviews.  This site looks to partner with brands and organizations to widen an intercultural audience, promote diversity and increase a cultural dialogue through consulting, sponsorships and content marketing.

About Jennifer Ghymn of TheInterCulture

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As a GenX (#nevertoolate) Asian (Korean/Japanese)-American, I’ve always lived within at least two cultures.  From preserving ethnic heritage and customs to embracing modern ways of life, I am fascinated with how people adapt and blend intercultural practices into their lives.  Being in a mixed race relationship and raising a mixed race daughter, we are defining our own #interculture and evolving as the modern day mixed family – a blend of what’s old and true with how it makes sense for today.

I have lived abroad and traveled to 19 countries several times over, many of which have become familiar friends.  From expanding my culinary skills with cooking courses in Thailand, China, Japan, Spain, France and Boston to studying contextual meaning at the Tate Gallery in London, learning about quiet life in the Begijnhof convent in Bruges and Montserrat monastery in Catalonia to observing sacred rituals in Kyoto’s temples and burial practices in Xian, China; walking among blue footed boobies in the Galapagos to walking the Great Wall of China; attending the grand opening of the first McDonald’s in Seoul to discovering Hong Kong after the transfer of sovereignty; exploring Stockholm’s archipelagos, Prague’s Jewish quarter, Portugal’s Algarve and eating the freshest sushi at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market — I’ve made friends, witnessed history and learned how different but similar life can be around the world.

I’ve been fortunate to travel and it continues to be a part of my life.  But most of the year I’m at home continuing to broaden my global mindset within a local reach among friends and family.  After having lived a dozen years spread across cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston, I took for granted the vast culture at my fingertips.  Now in small town PA I have to work a little harder and drive a little farther in finding ways to interact with diverse communities.  But there are local cultural institutions everywhere and more often than not there are people nearby who want to talk about intercultural ideas from recipes, films or travel tips to world affairs to raising intercultural families.

Professionally, I am a digital marketer and currently work with one of the world’s most innovative and top performing global organizations in the world. Daily I am tasked with analyzing the micro-moments that inform decision-making and the details that influence brand affinity. With over 15 years experience working with Fortune 500 brands, I am keenly aware of the need for multicultural marketing and story-telling in today’s shifting marketplace and adept at creating successful campaigns for savvy and dynamic audiences.

Join me.  Let’s tour TheInterCulture together.  Say “konichiwa”, “hej”, “bonjour” or hello in your native tongue at jennifer@theinterculture.com.

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