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The cool thing about #hashtags is that you can make them up.  It’s like placing a big stake in the ground and claiming your piece of land.  This is mine.  I own it!

As I mentioned in my first post, I define interculture (noun) as
the active engagement and interaction between two or more cultures including one’s personal cultural identity with entities such as art, food, ethnicity, style, travel, relationships, work, etc.

In real life here’s what my #interculture looks like:


Art is a natural contender when it comes to culture.  Art through sculpture, film, books or more is a way for me to elevate my mind and clear my head from the news of the day.  It challenges, stimulates and allows me to consider someone else’s point of view.  It’s the basis for learning empathy.    Stirring us to action, giving us a laugh or just taking the piss out of society, art touches all emotions.

I’ve worked in two museums – the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Vastly different in scale but equally passionate about its mission and place in their community.  The best part was walking through the galleries during closing hours in the dark.  Take advantage and not for granted the art around you.  Slow down for a minute to observe what someone else has created.  Or if you’re a doer, take a class and learn even if it’s online.


When did food become such a thing?  It’s not just sustenance.  It’s a part of our daily conversation whether we’re talking fads and diets to chefs, locavore movements, food trucks, tasting menus to “what are we having for dinner?”

I am a self-professed foodie and occasional food snob when it comes to quality.  Our first foray into fine dining was eating at Gordon Ramsay’s flagship in London in the early 2000s and he actually came out of the kitchen to greet each table.  It was over the top luxury.  I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but the bar was set high in terms of service, production and taste.  Eventually, you return to the real world and long for simple home cooking and the hacks of your own kitchen.  All food brings a unique experience to the table.  I find the best ones are shared over good conversation and a good vintage, regardless of the cuisine or circumstance.


They say “travel is not the destination but the journey.”  I say travel is 95% planning plus another 1% that you forgot to pack.

I’ve been lucky in life to have traveled to a lot of places.  I grew up traveling and it remains a part of our life.  We budget for it, schedule it in, and then spend a lot of time tracking flights, researching towns, mapping routes, and reading blogs.  Despite all the careful planning, pre-trip anxiety still sets in.  It’s not until I’m actually on the plane with earbuds hooked into devices can I actually let go and enjoy the ride.  At that point, my false control has been relinquished and the experience is left to unfold.  And most often than not, it’s an experience worth all the research and planning for the next journey.

Since #SJ arrived, travel is different.  It hasn’t stopped us, but I’m not one to say that traveling with a kid is the best thing in the world.  We are lucky in that she’s extroverted in nature and open to new experiences.  For now she’s along for the ride.

Indulge your #interculture

Another fun bit about making up hashtags is when friends are around to make fun of you or give you that fist bump even though they think it’s crap.   We need the checks and balances of taking ourselves seriously to having a good laugh.  Be honest with yourself in what you like or don’t like.  What interests you enough to want to pick up that book, take that class or visit that place?   There’s no right or wrong.  It’s our diversity and unique spin that makes for a rich intercultural conversation.  So open your door, your kitchen or your mind to indulging your #interculture.

What’s your #interculture?

Keep following along as I share more #art, #food, #travel in depth.  But for now tell me, dit moi, what’s your #interculture?  Is there something new you’ve always wanted to see or try?

New here?  Welcome.  Read up on some of the places I’ve already been here.

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  1. Emily

    Congratulations on starting this blog! Every time I see you, I’m intrigued by your latest travels. What a great opportunity you’ve created to share with us your experiences, passions and cultures! Buenas suerte!

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