Fall back


sunset france

Sunset on our first evening. Saint-Malo, France. August 2017.


Anyone there?

Time has a funny way of moving along the spectrum of life. Oftentimes it feels like there’s no stopping or you have no control over what’s happening in this space-time continuum. As if we’re all victims to our calendars filled with appointments, functions, and the endless commitments we attach ourselves to. Bells go off on our phone reminding us that we’re only 10 minutes away from the next conference call or we’re expected some place else. The pressure of always having to do something now or next is stressful. Yet, it’s very much a part of our current culture.

I roll my eyes when I hear someone say “I’m too busy.” What I’m really hearing is “I have other priorities and I choose not to work out/ write/ play/ socialize/ cook because I’m choosing to do something else with my time.” I admit. I’m as guilty as anyone and regret when I utter those words. We all have the same amount of time. How we choose to spend it is another matter.

Those of us who fill our time to the gills aren’t any more important than those who don’t. Many of us have the choice and freedom to make decisions with our time. Whether it’s career, family, personal – we are lucky to decide how we want to craft our lives for the most part. Job obligations sometimes dictate our datebooks even into the weekend. Other times we feel burdened or secondary to kid or spouse responsibilities, but most of us chose to have families. It’s part of the deal.

I launched TheInterCulture six months ago when I was in between jobs and chomping at the bit to give freelance writing a go. It was a productive and creative way for me to spend some time.

Unexpectedly, I started working a contract job with Google, accepted a few freelance assignments and partnered with some amazing organizations. Life in many ways became full.

Needless to say, the wax and wane of overscheduled priorities were starting to show. Many things in motion but nothing executing very well. Productive but not inspiring. I grew tired and grouchy.

And then … take off.

Two weeks in France forced me to unplug and consider what is essential. Time stood still. Mornings at the beach, jogging among locals, building sandcastles and slowly sinking your toes into the sand. Afternoons spent absorbing history, scenery or day drinking guilt free in outdoor cafes. And evenings when dusk settles surrounded by loved ones who laugh and sigh in easy endless conversation. In that moment, you are present with your surroundings and existence.

They say it only takes one day to return to work when the effects of vacation wears off. We were quickly thrown into the thrust of a new school year, routines and never-ending lists of to dos. Time’s tempo hastened.

The truth is I want to keep working, writing, blogging and parenting with purpose (not just out of obligation). But I’ve been around long enough to know something has to give to make room for something else. Time is a constant. I’m trying hard not to manipulate it with overrun agendas or unrealistic expectations.

TheInterCulture is here to stay, although you may hear from me on a less regular basis for now. My day job is taking a bigger role in my 9-5 routine, and my mornings and evenings are for SJ as much as possible. I’m still writing and I’ll let you know (unashamedly) when my byline is front and center for another publication.

It would mean the world for you to hang in there with me. Stay tuned. I’m still here.

6 thoughts on “Fall back

  1. Brittany Decker

    A great perspective from a great woman I’m blessed to call my friend. Always here and looking forward to the next blog whenever it works for your life!

  2. Joanne M.

    The world is rich with possibilities and we can’t always fit everything we want to do into our lives. We pick and choose according to our values and (hopefully) it all adds up to happiness. Keep doing what’s right for you. We’ll be here when you are.


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