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Playground of the Future, in the Canopy. Istanbul, Turkey


We’re OFF … to San Sebastian and Bilbao.  Follow along Instagram and Twitter as we ‘Basque’ out in northern Spain.  I couldn’t have timed it any better since Tony just aired a new Parts Unknown episode on San Sebastian.  It’s hard to contain my excitement because we’re actually meeting one of the guests he had on his show.

Big news in my world. I have a byline!  I wrote an article for the Matador Network, the world’s largest independent travel publisher.  It took three attempts until the editor finally gave me the green light. #persistence #nevertoolate

Spring’s in full bloom!  The past few weeks have seen Teacher Appreciation Week, bird migration, Mother’s Day, the French vote, the Korean election, two big birthday celebrations for lovely lady friends and a farewell dinner for one of our favorite families.

The Aspen Institute’s #stateofrace symposium posted a round-up of my panel’s involvement last month in DC.

Here’s what I’ve been curiously crushing on these days:

In light of my recent post on ‘girl crushes’, have you checked out Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls?  These funny ladies are using their platforms to highlight social, civic, and human rights issues. This Lenny Letter’s worth a read. I first started following Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls on Instagram but once I discovered the Medium site I was hooked.  I enjoyed this story and it made me revisit a post I wrote on #actuallylivingscientists.

Shusaku Takaoka

Shusaku Takaoka. Vince + Mona. #interculture at its finest.

Check out this artist’s amusing pop fusion of art history + pop culture.  #interculture indeed.

These t-shirts are rad!  A Berlin art collective uses elements of urban design to create guerilla printing presses, adding ink to manhole covers, grates, and street tiles to create utilitarian designs on t-shirts and bags.

For some visual eye candy.  Turn up the volume on your speakers.

Loved this article on sleep. Helps me justify my sleep monster rules with my daughter – and it’s not only because I like the house quiet after 7:30pm.

I’ve learned to accept that there’s no such thing as work-life balance.  You do what you can to make it through the day.  This article kind of sums it up for me.


Shenzhen, China

What do you think of this playground in China?  Cool or strange?

On the topic of unconventional play areas, check out this amazing park in development in Istanbul.  Trampolines in the canopy!

Finally, a little bit of good news.

Farewell, adios (Spanish) and agur (Basque)!

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