Galapagos Islands

Intentional Tourist

I’ll be the first to admit.  I’m a tourist. Places become touristy for good reason.  Usually prompted by popularity whether it’s historical, magical, scenic, fun or quirky.  People will often flock to see the same thing because we all want to experience something cool, interesting or Facebook-worthy.  I too wanted to see Buckingham Palace, the Great Wall of China, Tsukiji…

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On the way to Sagres

Once upon a time I was traveling by train through Portugal with my boyfriend, now husband.  We were headed to Sagres, known for its dramatic scenery and sea-carved cliffs along  Europe’s most southwestern tip.  We stopped in Faro along the way. Rice Eye Reaction Upon arriving at the station we were greeted by a dark, greasy, middle-aged man about my…

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National Folk Museum

Not an Immigrant Story

Korea is historically a homogeneous nation.  The climate is now changing with rapidly declining birth rates. Talk of the potential extinction of the Korean population has the country opening its borders to increased immigration.  But this isn’t another immigration story.  It’s an ethnic one. Think about the Koreans or 1st generation Korean-Americans you may know.  Or even consider the Japanese,…

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