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theCulture Dispatch 06

Trick or Treat! Fall finally arrived in these parts. Just in time for us to feel the chill on Halloween. The adult beverages and kids candy stash didn’t stave away the cool temps. Brrrrrr !  But I can’t really complain. We’ve had a nice season up ‘til now. SJ’s first birthday party(ies) were a hit. It took me to two…

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International Day of the Girl

Life has been full. I wrote about the notion of time recently.  The same schedules for travel, work, and school seem to shift in varying degrees each calendar year. That’s why we all feel like time is flying by. All the opportunities and choices we are lucky to have such as education, career, family, vacations are things that fill our…

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sunset france

Fall back

Hello? Anyone there? Time has a funny way of moving along the spectrum of life. Oftentimes it feels like there’s no stopping or you have no control over what’s happening in this space-time continuum. As if we’re all victims to our calendars filled with appointments, functions, and the endless commitments we attach ourselves to. Bells go off on our phone…

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