San Sebastian

Countdown to Basque

San Sebastian (aka Donostia) … here we come ! It’s a pilgrimage of sorts.  Tony (Bourdain) sold me on Basque country when No Reservations aired an episode on this food mecca back in 2008.  Critics and journalists have debated as to whether San Sebastian is truly deemed the world’s greatest city for foodies.  I guess we’ll have to find out…

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NYC High Line

The Little Apple

We visit New York often.  We moved away in 2003 but it will always be “home”.  SJ’s first time was at six months.  It was spring, and we were itching to get out of the house after one of the heaviest snowy winters in history.  It was our first real “trip” since she was born so I was over-prepared, over-packed…

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Bowing. The Original Handshake.

Bowing is the original handshake of greetings. Growing up I saw my parents bow all the time.  Bowing to their Asian friends, shop owners or pastors.  They would even bow their head while speaking on the phone even if no one could see them.  It was natural to bow in agreement, for respect, or as a greeting. I was never…

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