Bretagne. Breton. Breizh.

Brittany. So many names. For a small northwestern pocket of France. An amalgam of French, Celtic and British origins. One would expect an identity crisis to emerge from such strong opposing states. But Brittany’s far from confused. It stands proud as an independent kingdom seeking greater autonomy from the French Republic. Its self-reliance is evident in its language, music, and…

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paris airport

2017. That’s a Wrap.

It’s that time of year. The end. Most of us inhale a sigh of disbelief. Christmas has come and gone and now the countdown to a new year is upon us. This week between the 25th to the 1st feels like some kind of purgatory where we are sandwiched between the past and the future. Nothing is more present than…

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New York

theCulture Dispatch 06

Trick or Treat! Fall finally arrived in these parts. Just in time for us to feel the chill on Halloween. The adult beverages and kids candy stash didn’t stave away the cool temps. Brrrrrr !  But I can’t really complain. We’ve had a nice season up ‘til now. SJ’s first birthday party(ies) were a hit. It took me to two…

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