theCulture Dispatch 05

Ola, kaixo, bonjour et ciao ! Wooosh ! Summer is whizzing by. The heat is on, bugs are in the air and ice cream is an official food group. We preemptively kicked off our sunny season with a trip to Basque country in May, ended the school year with a bang and spent three sticky city days in Tribeca over…

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la Fête Nationale

Liberté. Equalité. et Fraternité. Bastille Day is near, 14 juillet . A day to celebrate all things French. Time for le pique-nique! Open up the rosé, spread out the charcuterie, baguette, and brie. Having an outdoor party that involves eating, drinking and reveling in good times seems good enough reason as any to fête. Enough is Enough Historically, Bastille was…

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See San Sebastian

There are many stories to be told from each travel experience. Some remain private and a few fade away in memory. The notable ones make their way into dinner conversation or you suddenly find yourself laughing thinking about the server who kept only pouring water for you and not the whole table or the lost in translation with the lady at…

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