Eritreans migrants

No Place Like It

Imagine being displaced. Imagine being uprooted from your house, neighborhood, community, state, and country. I travel and I love being far away from home. Yet knowing there’s somewhere to return after a long journey is taken for granted. Even though I prefer to be on the go, I have the security of a permanent address and a Google satellite view…

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Philadelphia airport

theReport 03: Flights

Friends often ask me for tips on travel planning, particularly flights.  What sites do you use? When should I book? Are there better days to fly? How can I find a good deal? Bottom line, there’s no special formula. Oftentimes it takes a bit of luck and intuition to know when to make the click. But after years of practice,…

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small talk

Small Talk

“So what do you do?” “Where are you from?” “What’s your background?” I’ve often dreaded conversation starters.   Often times my mood will lead the way.  If I’m in a good mood, then I’m an interesting, successful, well-rounded individual with a little bit of mystery behind the four eyes.  If I’ve had a crap day, I may sport a perma-frown and…

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